Ready to advance your diving knowledge & skills?

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After completing your Open Water course, you may want to become more confident when underwater, maybe even defeat your fear of deep water or simply learn some new skills, such as mastering your buoyancy and breathing to get an optional trim underwater. In this case the PADI Advanced Open Water Course could be your next step! Very much like the Adventure Diver, the Advanced Open Water is comprised of individual adventure dives. An AOW certification is often required for those who wish to participate on live aboard excursions.

The Advanced Open Water course will extend the depth limit of your Open Water Certification from 18 meters/60 feet to 30 meters/100 feet.

Guess what! It is not even necessary to spend a lot of time in the classroom, partaking in long theory sessions! You will learn your lessons with ease by simply reading the sections of the Advanced Diver manual relevant to the dives you are participating on. After reviewing the important points with your diving instructor you’ll be on your way straight into the blue water.

With 5 dives over 2 days, including a deep dive and a navigation dive, you will become capable of exploring even more of the underwater world!

What does this course includes?

  • 5 open water dives from our boat
  • Deep dive, navigation dive, plus 3 adventure dives of your choice
  • Maximum depth 30m/100 feet
  • PADI eManual, logbook & certification
  • Full equipment rental
  • Free pick-up from the pier upon arrival

Duration & Price

  • 2 days = 10,000 THB

Accommodation is available at discounted rates to divers.

Contact us for details.

Pay 15% Deposit to Book your AOW

Adventure dives options to choose from:

  • Deep dive (mandatory for AOW): descend to 30 meters/100 feet.
  • Navigation dive (mandatory for AOW): you will learn to use your compass efficiently which will allow you to dive more independently and discover the superb corals and aquatic life common to the area.
  • Nitrox dive (optional): want to stay longer underwater? Learning to dive with enriched air ( air with a higher oxygen content) gives you more no decompression time, allowing you to the longer bottom time!
  • Night dive (optional): like the marine life by day? How about at night? You will discover the joys of phosphorescent plankton in a Space-like environment!
  • Fish Identification dive (optional): learn more about the fish you see, their environment and habits.
  • Wreck dive (optional): visit the Sattakut, sunken in 2011, it is one of the most popular dive site around Koh Tao.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy dive - PPB (optional): master your buoyancy and breathing to get an optimal trim underwater.
  •  And many more!  
Contact us for details.
Pay 15% Deposit to Book your Advanced Open Water Now!



PADI Rescue Diver & EFR

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