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Learn basic scuba skills. Experience an open water dive up to 12 meters/40 feet. Discover the underwater world in a safe and controlled environment.
Five confined water dives to learn basic scuba skills. Four open water dives to practice your skills and explore. Comprehensive knowledge development covering dive theory and safety.
Brief theory session and shallow water training. Supervised open water dive to a maximum of 12 meters/40 feet. Perfect for those wanting to try scuba diving without committing to a full course.


Includes a deep dive and a navigation dive. Choose 3 more Adventure Dives, such as wreck, night, or peak performance buoyancy. Expands your dive capabilities and introduces you to new activities and equipment.
Intensive training on buoyancy skills. Two open water dives. Learn to use less air and enjoy longer dives.
Learn about aquatic plant and animal habitats. Identify fish, invertebrates, and plants. Two open water dives.
Learn how to identify local fish families and species. Two open water dives. Use of ID slates and fish guides.
Practice underwater navigation techniques. Three open water dives. Enhance your underwater map-reading and navigation skills.
Learn night dive planning, equipment, and techniques. Experience the nocturnal behavior of marine life. Use of dive lights and signaling devices.
Learn search patterns, lift bag techniques, and recovery methods. Four open water dives. Practical experience in searching for and recovering items.
Four deep dives and four wreck dives. Learn about enriched air diving. Comprehensive training on advanced diving techniques.
Learn wreck diving techniques and hazards. Gain knowledge on the history and research of wrecks. Understand considerations for safe wreck penetration.
Gain experience in deep diving techniques and equipment. Learn about the risks and safety procedures for deep diving. Explore dive sites up to 40 meters/130 feet.
Learn to analyze and label Nitrox cylinders. Understand the benefits and risks of diving with Nitrox. Enhance your diving experience with longer no-decompression times.
Learn CPR, first aid, and emergency care. Develop rescue skills for diving emergencies. Gain confidence to manage dive accidents and assist others in distress.


Refresh your scuba skills with a morning review and two dives. Perfect for divers inactive for a year or more. Includes full equipment, boat trip, and refreshments.
Work closely with a PADI Instructor to fine-tune your dive skills. Learn dive leadership through classroom and independent study sessions. Assist with teaching and lead dive activities.
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