Fun Dive




Fun Dive

Need a scuba refresher course? not been diving for a while ?
Not matter how many dive you have or how high your certification level is, it`s always a good idea to stay tuned up and sharp with your scuba diving training and skills. If you haven`t been scuba diving in perhaps 6 months or even a year, then we strongly advise you begin your scuba diving holiday or dive trip with scuba review / scuba refresher course. You will enjoy and get so much more from your diving vacation or dive trip if you are relaxed and ready to take on the dive sites with confidence.


Course schedule / duration:
Review can be completed on any day and take a short period in the morning before going for 2 dives. (1 day)

PADI scuba diver / evuivalent or any certification beyond. Inactivity of a year or more, inexperience or a lack of confidence.

Inclusive of full equipment, 1 boat trip (2 dives) including refreshments on the boat: 2,400 thai baht

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